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Inmates may be married while in custody of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at the Santa Rita or Glenn Dyer Jail facilities as as outlined in Detentions and Corrections Policies & Procedures #18.22. In the event the bride or groom to be is absent, either party MUST obtain an:“Inability to Appear Form” from the County Clerk’s Office. For all intensive purposes, the wedding ceremony is a regular inmate visit.

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Each adult visitor (18 years or older) must be registered to make a visiting appointment.

When registering you must provide the following information: The lobby will be staffed with deputies and two metal detectors.

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations while you are visiting at Santa Rita Jail.

If you find you need assistance while visiting, please alert a deputy.

Written by childcare expert and author Penelope Leach Making decisions is part of growing up.

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