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In an attempt to ease a few of the more challenging, painfully pedestrian aspects of vacationing with a partner, we’ve collected tips from two comedians who not only travel for a living, but often do so as a unit.

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Scroll down and check out her short and medium hairstyles.

Kasher and Leggero married in 2015, and have been doing shows as part of their Endless Honeymoon Tour ever since.

They will be stopping in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Minneapolis on dates through August 9. Tip: Test new relationships with a vacation: Traveling is a good catalyst.

If you’re wondering whether or not this relationship is the one, go on a vacation together. We were in the car, and every single establishment we passed, he said the name out loud and pointed at it.

I was like, : It’s almost a cliché, but it is a good acid test.And I was like, “They’re basically the same size.” And the guy just turned to me and spoke in English, “Look, man, I like video games, too, but I cannot do it.” He wanted me to know that he empathized, but that he, too, felt hopeless in what is a crushing tidal current of the current realpolitik.Just as I am a cog in the great political waterwheel, he too is a cog in the great political waterwheel.Natasha thinks everything should be gilded leather and crushed velvet where a serving person is fanning you with peacock feathers as you walk in the door. If you’re not staying in a place that’s at least as nice as your house, it can get kind of lonely and depressing. : One thing that inspires me is a quote I read a long time ago, and Moshe always makes fun of me when I repeat it, but it’s basically that a tourist comes to see what he planned to see and a traveler sees what they see.There’s something nice about exploring and tumbling around and seeing what happens. In terms of being a comedian, it can be a hindrance to travel with somebody.I think because he feels slightly guilty that he’s playing with a toy that a child plays with, he will indulge me sometimes.

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