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I tried to add a trigger programmaticaly from when the UC loads. The user control is not contained in the master, is contained in an aspx using a master page. The updatepanel trigger collection has an add method. I can add a trigger programatically to the updatepanel with that method, just tested. Use the Register Async Post Back Control(Control) method of the Script Manager control to programmatically register a postback control, and then call the Update() method of the Update Panel when the control posts back.Also tried the Register Async Postback Control from the UC (this. The Update Panel is contained within the master page Thanks Hi, You can use Script Manager. Register Async Post Back Control(uc Instance); Please note that UP doesn't support add trigger programatically. I can add a trigger programatically to the updatepanel with that method, just tested. Async Post Back Trigger t = new Async Post Back Trigger( ); t. references must be in the same naming container as the update panel for which it is a trigger.

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In essence I want it to set it's own visibility back to false and then update the update panel that it is sitting in. This causes a javascript error and doesn't bring the desired result. The code you have shown should not cause the javascript error unless there is something in js that depends on what you have hidden.

The code that I've used to attempt this is as follows. You should try to use events here to do the hiding of the usercontrol.

Private Sub lb Hide_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. usercontrol exposes an event which is something like Hide Button Click. Again, your javascript error can be more to do with the fact that your control is being hidden and no longer accessible in javascript.

Then when the consumer (the page where the usercontrol is) recieves a notification of the buttonclick event, it does the hiding of the panel. The only thing that I have set to be hidden is unhidden at the time of the javascript error.

To do so, we will work with the generated page source HTML, as well as the Mozilla Firefox extension called Fire Bug - with it, we can easily examine the AJAX postbacks. An examination of the page source code shows almost nothing out of the ordinary; the Update Panel controls are rendered as containers.

(If you inspect the DOM tree in Fire Bug, you will notice that the labels are dimmed to indicate that they are not producing visible content).

When working in the markup editor in Visual Studio, you may notice (from Intelli Sense) that there are two child elements of an , and can specify any Control within the current unit of encapsulation (for instance, if your Update Panel control resides within a Web User Control, you should not attempt to reference a Control on the Page on which the User Control will reside).

The element can be used to trigger a partial page render, but one that requires a full round-trip to the server.

One of which is the Triggers element, which specifies the controls on the page (or the user control, if you are using one) that will trigger a partial render of the Update Panel control in which the element resides. NET technology brings an object-oriented and event-driven programming model and unites it with the benefits of compiled code.

However, its server-side processing model has several drawbacks inherent in the technology, many of which can be addressed by the new features included in the Microsoft ASP. These extensions enable many new rich client features, including partial rendering of pages without requiring a full page refresh, the ability to access Web Services via client script (including the ASP. This whitepaper also assumes that you will be working with Visual Studio 2008, not Visual Web Developer Express, and will provide walkthroughs according to the user interface of Visual Studio (although code listings will be entirely compatible regardless of development environment).

So an event is raised to indicate it has done an action.

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