Tips for dating your spouse

You could have just stayed home and been let down for free.

You don’t need a night out on the town to save your marriage.

But there are plenty of families with two or three or — gasp — even four kids.

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Go back to doing those things with them that put a leap in your step and joy in your heart before you married.

Forgive me a moment as I tell you about a man who is an Expert and can give you tips on dating your spouse.

There's a reason the spouse is always the first suspect, and it usually involves laundry. More importantly, bringing a child into your life doesn't lead to spousal homicide — at least not always.

If having one kid destroyed love (and lust) in a marriage, the world would be full of only children.

We take a drink every time someone says, “open concept,” “total gut-job,” or “space to entertain.” We don't feel great the next morning, but that night, we have a blast.

There's nothing more life-affirming than laughing together at an adult throwing a temper tantrum over the color of their backsplash.

At least that's what I told myself when I paid the dinner bill, which was more than my car payment. That's why I'll never skip date night, even if most of our dates are a tad untraditional.

Our date tonight, for example, consisted of me frantically finishing an overdue article about date nights while my wife angrily glared at me from across the room. All I ask is if they turn my story into a Lifetime movie, make sure I'm played by Chris Evans.

If you always expect a candlelit dinner at a fancy French restaurant, you’ll be disappointed. There's nothing more un-American than paying top dollar for small portions.

Formal dinner dates create too much pressure to have fun.

There's a myth about marriage after you have kids.

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