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The following are ten of the most haunted cities to steer away from—or toward, if you dare—this Halloween.

A world traveler and tour guide has joined us to offer some great tips on how to go at it safely. Australia is one of the most sought travel destinations world-wide.

With so many world-famous natural wonders, unique wildlife, miles and miles of golden beaches, spectacular capital cities and the infamous outback, it’s easy to see why this country is on so many bucket lists.

Since then, there have been some important developments in how high blood pressure is defined and how it is treated.

That’s why I thought it fitting to revisit this important topic to help celebrate my first anniversary with the Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for long-term health.

After three years on my own, I tentatively approached online dating, and numerous coffee date debacles taught me a lot.

Are you interested in solo traveling and living among the locals in a foreign destination?

Deelname van bedrijven is vrijblijvend en alle klachten worden openbaar gemaakt.

Zo kan iedereen zien of er klachten over bedrijven zijn en hoe die daar mee omgaan.

There are also a number of stories concerning Mary Anne Pleasant, the so-called “Voodoo Queen of San Francisco,” who was a former slave and abolitionist who used a knowledge of the black arts to gain wealth and influence among the city’s elite.

Even the trendy San Francisco Art Institute, which is rumored to have been built on top of a graveyard that housed victims of the 1906 earthquake, is said to be the home of several ghosts who have frequently been seen climbing the stairs to a tower that overlooks the ancient cemetery.

Chinatown alone is home to countless ghost tours and creepy folklore, but the city also boasts a wealth of haunted hotels, mansions, and army bases.

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