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The slowdown may result in a buffer underrun before the CD-ROM drive reports an error.

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You might also need to uninstall incompatible bus-mastering drivers (section (5-15)).

Under Windows, rename \Windows\System\Iosubsys\scsi1to something that prevents it from being loaded ("scsi1hlp.vx_"). scsi1is only required for compatibility with old SCSI devices.

If the recorder requests data from the write buffer, but there's none there, it's called a buffer underrun.

The disc is still spinning, but there's no data to write, so the recording process aborts.

You can do so under Win95/Win98 by opening the "System" icon in the Control Panel, and selecting "Device Manager".

For each item under CD-ROM, select the device, click on the "Settings" tab, and make sure the "Auto Insert Notification" checkbox is unchecked.

You may need a newer version of the software for correct operation with your hardware (yes, even if you received the software with the recorder).

Most, if not all, CD recorder software publishers have web sites with updates.

Another option is Win Tasks from see for a tutorial.

(Side note for search engines: some versions of Ahead's Nero refer to buffer underruns as "loss of streaming".) Some of the Windows-based recording software recommend turning off Auto-Insert Notification.

Advice for preventing buffer underruns is scattered throughout this FAQ.

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