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Album Mobile Uploads Image [Fofo-Datei]Titel Picture of Max, Perta and Kurt Photo If you do not want facebook to use all the information stored in the picture’s metadata, they tell you to edit this information out before you upload it. To Max Mustermann (123456789)From Peter Normal (9922663388)Time 2011-03-14 UTCText Hey, do you want to come along to that [great band]!

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After we got the first response by facebook it was clear to us that we had to publish this information online.

By doing so, we want to make facebook more transparent and show every user which data facebook is holding about us. Many groups of data are not included in this first set of data we got from facebook.

But facebook is now holding much more informations than the communists ever had and all of it is saved within the US, a country with no sufficient privacy laws! Facebook is also saving phone numbers that other users have uploaded (e.g.

i am from eastern Germany, so I remember my parent’s stories about the communist regime.

It seems that this is now including chat messages as well, since facebook merged both functions.

Displays all messages you have ever sent or received on facebook. Latitude 52.534259455465Longitude 13-435510035703Altitude 40.343803405762... This can be highly relevant for advertisement targeting. In many countries political or other sensitive gatherings are organized using this function. Zuck: They "trust me"Zuck: Dumb fucks (Mark Zuckerberg) It is very likely that facebook is also storing some indicators that show e.g. So far facebook has not disclosed this information. This is one of the most important criteria for targeted advertisements. Shows all the groups you are a member of, including the ID number of every group. Shows the last location that facebook got from you. It is unclear how long the information is saved, but it seems as if it is deleted sooner or later. In addition facebook gives every checkin an individual ID number and an exact time stamp. Page B72 (1237939396779779)Author Max Mustermann (123456789)Tags Subject Id 987654321 Subject Name Petra Musterfrau Creator Id 123456789Id 12345678901234567890Time 2011-06-07 UTCMessage Yeeehaaa Max lllloooooovvvveeessss Petra (and B72 in Vienna)! This section lists all connections to pages that the user “likes”. The options for the field RSVP are “attending”, “maybe”, “declined” and “noreply”. There is one set of data generated every time you log on to facebook. Time 2009-04-10 UTC User Kurz Schn (778800445533) Text I am looking great in this photo! story_fbid=123456789&id=1234567890Summary Text *lol* very likely the only way of getting some privacy on facebook ;-)Title Facebook Pricavy: A New Approach Url fbid=123456789&set=a.123.123.123&type=1Upload Ip 2009-04-10 UTCTags Subject Id 123456789 Subject Name Max Mustermann Creator Id 123456789 Created 2009-04-10 X 51 Y 23 Subject Id 987654321 Subject Name Petra Muserfrau Creator Id 123456789 Created 2009-04-10 X 51 Y 23 Subject Id 778800445533 Subject Name Kurt Schn Creator Id 123456789 Created 2009-04-10 X 51 Y 23Comments User Max Mustermann (123456789) Text I love this pic!For example data concerning the “like”-function, tracking on other webpages, face recognition, videos, postings on other users walls, indicators for the intensity of relationships, tags that werde removes and many more were (so far) not disclosed by facebook. These groups of data were disclosed by facebook (click for more details): 00.

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