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What interests me is that Bach uses a second theme which he also treats as a ritornello, that is, a recurring theme, although this one appears exclusively in the instruments of the (the soloists): At the first entrance of each soloist (violin, oboe, flute, then trumpet), each initially plays this theme, and later variations also appear.

All in all, we will hear this “solo ritornello” a total of eight times.

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Bach probably got the idea of using a ritornello from studying Vivaldi, and even in this piece, you’ll see that some ritornello statements are indeed shorter than the first.

Here is the ritornello which opens : What’s interesting about this concerto is not necessarily the use of ritornello, although that certainly is the most recognizable aspect.

In other words, your character is the marriage of your thoughts, attitudes and opinions to your faith, beliefs, spirituality and values as expressed in your relationships and experiences. It is the quality of your actions when there is no apparent benefit to acting well.

It is the fusion of thought, belief and action into a coherent identity of person.

Some composers, like Archangelo Corelli (1653-1713), always used the same instruments in the includes solo flute [originally recorder], trumpet, violin, oboe, and continuo.

(The continuo is never omitted, as it provides the harmonic foundation of the entire piece.) The trumpet part is very virtuosic, written to employ a style of playing known as “clarino playing,” in which the trumpeter played in the highest range of the instrument, and used quickly-changing lip pressure to change the pitch of the instrument.

One of the hallmarks of Vivaldi’s style is his use of orchestral ritornellos, not just in his concertos (as in the concerto ).

Vivaldi typically began his concertos with a full statement of the orchestral ritornello (sometimes even two full statements), then in between solo passages, he would bring the ritornello back again, though often each subsequent appearance was a bit shorter than the previous.

And who we are at the core is largely what defines our character. This final post in this series, then, will introduce you to those principles of character that are important to living a happy life.

When everything is stripped away, when you are proverbially standing naked with nothing else but who you are between you and the mirror of life, when you are without house or car or career or wardrobe to hide behind, then, and for some Nothing else ultimately matters all that much when compared to these. Corrupt any one of the four components and your happiness will be compromised. Character is the marriage of #1 and #2 as expressed in #3 (of the 4 components above).

the bright timbre of the trumpet is omitted to create a more intimate setting and to provide strong contrast with the two faster movements.

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