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"Now I'm going to speed it up a little."She clicked on fast-forward and the prostitute appeared to comically teeter from truck to truck on high heels.One by one, she sidled up to the driver's side of each vehicle and apparently knocked on the doors. The second driver flashed on his lights, saw who was out there, and turned them off again.

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What he'd not done was ask Cassie what she thought about that.

Recently, she'd let her short brown hair grow to her shoulders and was debating with herself whether to color it to hide the gray strands that seemed to have shown up overnight.

Kirkbride had been the sheriff when Grimstad had 8,000 residents and was losing population every year.

The demographics of western North Dakota at that time were a mix of German and Scandinavian farmers and a few Scot ranchers.

His thick gunfighter's mustache obscured the expression on his lips, but his eyes narrowed. She hadn't even heard the loud honking from a V of geese descending through the river cottonwoods to the Missouri River. Thirty-nine-year-old Cassandra "Cassie" Dewell was the Chief Investigator for the BCSD, and she knew the sheriff would be in his office early. Even though he had horses to feed and stalls to clean out, he was at his desk hours before the morning shift showed up.

Judy Banister, Kirkbride's office administrator and the only other female within the agency, hovered just outside the door. The apartment unit she'd first moved into when she arrived was in view outside Kirkbride's window, although it was now occupied by a deputy hired straight out of the law enforcement academy in Minnesota.

She was blocked from camera view by the side of the fourth truck."We can't see her, but we can assume she's standing between the two trucks negotiating with the driver in the fourth truck. He didn't need to."Note the time," Cassie said, pointing toward the time stamp.

If you watch closely, you can see the curtains rustle in the sleeper cab." Cassie pointed it out. There was a glimpse of the prostitute through the passenger window — just a smudge of white — as she entered the cab and turned toward the sleeper cab."I couldn't see her very well," Kirkbride said."That's because he must have disconnected his dome light so none of the other truckers could see her get in. "It reads PM."Kirkbride nodded."I'm going to fast-forward again but it doesn't matter. until ."The only movement in the nineteen minutes was the crazy swirling of exhaust from the stacks of the idling trucks, a cat that seemed to skip across the pavement going left to right, and a vibration in the curtains of the sleeper cab.

She was calling from her cell phone and Cassie imagined her walking fast down the courthouse hallway. The video feed was dark and grainy, and it appeared at first to be a still photograph.

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