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A Burmese monk feeding an adorable stray pup in Yangon.

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Looks like someone has been very good at doing his sun salutations in the morning!

Anyone who has been to Asia will recognise this sight, but did you know that the government in Myanmar has actually banned all motorbikes in Yangon?!

Not only is it a cooling sunscreen, but it also works to reduce wrinkles, smooth skin and fight acne. Held on the eve of a full moon in October or November each year it is a lively and exciting celebration that fills the streets with cheerful locals and firecracker wielding children.

Fishermen in Myanmar have to be extremely brave as they often end up neck deep in the snake filled waters of the Ayeyarwady river.

Nobody is entirely sure why but there are a few rumours…

Either way, there is nothing better – or should we say stranger – than crossing the road in an Asian city without the fear of being hit by a motorbike carrying an entire family/farm/home.Having only very recently opened up to the outside world, Myanmar still retains many of her local charms and traditions and is still a true adventure to visit.Just as Kipling stated all those years ago, Myanmar is a country quite unlike any other.I was shocked to see how much the country has changed…Don’t get me wrong, backpacking in Myanmar is still an incredible experience but it’s now so much easier to travel to Myanmar (most nationalities can get an e-visa on arrival) and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists in the country’s best known spots.Getting up at 4am they spend their days reciting prayers, meditating and learning everything about the path to enlightenment.

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