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Imagine the roles: gender busting sci-fi generals...a wild outlaw like Thelma and Louise put together seducing and executing.of great movies and zeitgeist-defining rebellion. That kiss onstage with her brother was impulsive and did not involve tongue.

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Jerry dropped to his knees and kissed Nate's boots, for God's sake.[quote]That rumor has been around forever. And the son was 7 months old and sucking her tit when the story began and eventually developed into Nifty fiction. Secondly, why would anyone consider sisterly devotion - a conventional and unsurprising feeling - a basis for erotic rumors? being very touchy feely towards each other Here's the link from gettysimage...

If it doesn't work Go to image,choose Entertainment and type Aaron's on page 46 and 48. Either the dad or Richard seemed to be the likeliest suspects.

The Carly Simon was a one-shot Datalounge rumor, which I've never seen anywhere else, but which has been repeated a billion times here. She's that fucked up, and he's that big an asshole.

What are the stories swirling about the O'Connell brothers? I never believed for a minute that Jerry was straight.

Then they started getting jobs modeling clothes so they no longer wanted to be connected to all the nearly-incestuous poses. To the point that they still live and tour extensively together, and give interviews talking about how inseperable they are. The most probable would be any combination of the Jets band family. If anyone posted the Duggars before the shit hit the fan, they'd be the winner of the thread.

Their lawyer made Billy Masters remove the Brewer photos from his website. There have always been rumours about them, even as preteens, but I am starting to think they're just very close as siblings only, since their parent figures were more or less sidelined by their career/managers, growing up. And, you know, for being hot, European, and 25.[quote]Richard Carpenter did marry his first cousin, Mary Rudolph, but she was adopted by her parents and is not genetically related to him. I read somewhere that she really is his first cousin and the adoption story is just that---a "story" concocted to make it seem acceptable that he married his first cousin. She was let go from the set early one day, went home and opened the bedroom door to find her husband, director Tony Richardson, naked in bed with her father, Sir Michael Redgrave. The story appeared years later in advance copies of an unauthorized biography, which was serialized in an English tabloid. Re: Joe Jackson, he "only" molested La Toya and Rebbie - who escaped the family ASAP by marrying and moving away... Poor La Toya is still fucked up and still defends him.

But the coming out was quashed by Jolie's management when it was obvious people were completely repulsed, and then that's when Jolie's image rehab started. I thought AJ's brother is gay and they were just being attention starved - and gross - idiots.

You know, Angelina could have been so cool - a sleek alternababe rewiring Hollywood to meet her high-end, rebellious and slightly dark standards.

I remember hearing the rumors during the Sliders days and I think it was on DL that people said that the brothers lived together for a long time even though they had money for their own places and the reason they lived together was to fuck.

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