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That the Japanese are excellent organisers and like everything to be coordinated was proven with the organisation of this mass sexual intercourse.

The movements of the couples were strictly harmonised and arranged by the organisers. Although we all think we know what orgies are, most of us get in wrong in mixing up orgies and group sex.

We asked ourselves what animals are prepared to do for intercourse and how they do it.

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Orgies are still a taboo and those who practice it do so in trusted circles of people and rather discretely. When it comes to orgies, there is no doubt that civilisations have receded. Still, these were not the first civilisations in which mass sexual intercourse was practiced.

Orgies existed in most pagan cultures and were practiced publicly and as such were accepted by society.

The queen bee is selectively bred in a special “cell”, and like a princess, is fed the best food and awaits her sexual maturity.

A virgin bee that lives to adulthood, without getting killed by its competition, will mate with at least twelve males.

Group sex is sexual games between three people but also several couples in a swinger relationship, meaning exchanging partners.

Orgies include many more people in sexual games with all the participants.

During the mating of bees, his penis explodes inside the female, and then he dies.

In order to get somebody into bed, we are prepared to do many things.

Ogries were especially acceptable during celebrations for Bakha.

The celebrations included dancing, singing, playing instruments, enjoying food and drinks and also unresisting the urge to have sexual relations as will.

Women change the colour of their hair, buy makeup and clothing.

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