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Raylan’s body count so far: I tallied it up and I’ve got the grand total at 15, with 3 wounded (Boyd and Arlo from season 1 and the “black hat” Nix from the season 3 opener has officially been ruled a wounding—this is what I do with my spare time), plus 1 “disarming” (Quarles in season 3).

Release Date: February 10th, 2017PGFollow the movie on Facebook and Twitter Plot Summary Amber's ideal life is shattered when she loses her husband to the war in Afghanistan.

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These young bloods are veterans in their own right, having credits ranging from MATT BARR: I told my agents to look for a pseudo-western, one of my life dreams and when this came along and Kevin Costner was attached, I knew going into the audition that if there ever was a time to grab what I want in life, this was it.

I auditioned a couple of times and it worked out okay.

The idea of someone hero-worshipping Raylan, especially the potential that has in Oswalt’s hands, is a winner.

We’ll also being seeing more of Lindsey the Sexy Bartender.

Johnse loves with his heart first probably at times to a fault.

MB: Being so isolated over in the mountains of Romania was like being at camp.

She so clearly wants Raylan to be the jumped up redneck she’s been struggling against her whole career (at the very least), and the look on her face every time he defies her expectations is funny.

But Brooks got shortchanged in season 3, as it was Gutterson who emerged as Raylan’s frequent ride-along deputy.

The bigger sucker punch by far, though, was Raylan’s revelation that his dad, Arlo, shot State Trooper Tom because he saw a cop in a cowboy hat and didn’t particularly care if it was Raylan or not.

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