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Body contouring is becoming more and more popular in Korea as well.With obesity on the rise everywhere, having the ability to change the way you look and slim yourself down easily sometimes seems better than losing weight the proper way.Along with that, there is also lip augmentation surgery.

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This is when a hole can form in the septum of your nose, which is the divide between your nostrils.

It isn’t necessarily horrible, but can lead to mucous buildup, which creates a crust in the hole.

They also just see having a crease as a beautiful thing.

Others criticize these people, believing that they are too concerned with having a Westerner look.

If he wants to continue to have it all over the place, he would have to be conscious of his looks.

The standard of beauty not only in Korea, but in the acting and music industries is very high.

And, in the next photo (after), he got his nose reshaped. Sometimes, the surgery might not go exactly as planned and your nose could look much different than you were hoping. Having permanent numbness in your nose is definitely not something you want.

As with every type of cosmetic surgery, cost is a huge factor in whether or not you’ll be able to get it.

There are a lot of reasons that might contribute to the increase in plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

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