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There are a lot of reasons that might contribute to the increase in plastic and cosmetic surgeries.For one, Seoul has the sixth largest population density in the world.

Korean fever had become a new trend in recent years which influence many countries’ culture.

Their dramas, movies and music are very popular not only in Asia but also some regions in America and Europe. The handsome Korean man is quite popular after starring several different movies and dramas, including Gangnam Blues and Faith (The Good Doctor). At 29 years old, he has accomplished quite a lot already.

When you don’t look a certain way, you aren’t seen in the same light that you would be if you did look a certain way.

It’s interesting that these beauty standards are seemingly universal.

They also just see having a crease as a beautiful thing.

Others criticize these people, believing that they are too concerned with having a Westerner look.Rhinoplasty is on the higher end in terms of cost, which means there’s always a chance you won’t be able to afford it.A worse side effect that could occur is a septal perforation.Thankfully, it also looks like the rhinoplasty went well, without any visible complications.Essentially, this means the surgery pushes the jaw forwards or backwards, depending on where the jaw was seated in the first place.Also, his music career could add to his motivation to change his looks.

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