personal dating rating site - Lee dong gun and han ji hye dating

Han Ji Hye is currently busy filming her drama I hate you, but its fine and Lee Dong-gun is busy deciding his next movie.

Since these two are now on the singles market, who do you think will hook up first?

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All the women on the list are tall and pretty -I never knew he and Cha Ye Ryun dated -I remember when he and Han Ji Hye dated, they had a lot of travel photos together.

I really thought they were gonna get married ㅋㅋㅋ -Wow, he went public with all -He and Jo Yoon Hee were awkward in Happy Together.

Since the tragic loss of his brother on 20th March, Lee Dong Gun had suspended all his activities.

But latest news is that he will be making his comeback in May.

According to sources close to him, “Lee Dong Gun has already set a time to enter the filming for “Every Day Every Night”.

He will officially start filming on 1st May and the drama will be broadcasted on schedule in the middle of June.” Besides the drama, Lee Dong Gun will be releasing a single in Japan and will fly there to promote it in the middle of May.However, they broke up in December 2016 after 2 years of dating due to busy schedules.theqoo daum: Lee Dong Gun's public relationships through the years -The type who dates his co-stars -He dates tall women -His taste is consistent.Can't believe they actually ended up dating -This is why going public with relationship isn't always a good idea -There must be something charming about him..Maybe if we take a closer look celebrity most of them are player not just actor but actress too. I see lee dong gun comfortable public dating & his lover accept that.Speculations about their break-up started last week when they avoided questions about marriage plans when they attended Lee Seung Yeon’s wedding on December 27th and escalated when Han Ji Hye did not mention Lee Dong-gun during her thank-you speech on KBS Drama Awards on December 31.

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