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The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter dropped out of school in her native Tennessee during ninth grade (age 14-15),...

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She states that being in show business has made her tired and she wanted to have something else besides acting like a family, because she wanted to rest from thinking about her hair and her dressing style and other things connected with her work.

Former Kenny Chesney girlfriend states that when she got married she needed it for that time, because she just needed to be a woman for some time and she notes that Kenny was not understandable and he got angry on her when she invited her friend to stay in their house, because her friend was expecting the baby and making changes in her home. Now it looks that the new Kenny Chesney girlfriend can be on her way, but Kenny does not comment on him being seen with some kind of girl in Hawaii and he states that they are beginning to get to know each other.

The Redneck Woman hitmaker dropped out of school in the...

Country music star GRETCHEN WILSON has finally gained her high school diploma - at the age of 34.

Former Kenny Chesney girlfriend has married him in the year 2005 only after four months of knowing each other. John in the Caribbean’s Virgin Islands and their decision to become an official family so soon stunned her and his fans and it was shocking news for everyone.

After four months has passed from their union and Kenny Chesney girlfriend decided to go to court and filled the necessary papers in order to have their marriage annulated and she named an interesting reason for it “fraud”.

Country star Gretchen Wilson is mourning the death of her beloved uncle.

Vern Heuer, 44, passed away at his home in Greenville, Illinois after suffering a heart attack on Friday (09Sep11). Country star GRETCHEN WILSON still prides herself in the knowledge she was the first celebrity to make KANYE WEST storm out of an awards ceremony.

Kenny's said he panicked and that the only fraud that was commited was him thinking he really understood what it meant to be married and he didn't.......

She's said the marriage was her biggest personal...

However Kenny has had different relationship and was even married once to the famous actress Renee Zellweger.

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