Jenny sanford dating

Howard is being sued for malpractice, but is doubtful about calling Sheridan as a character witness when she refuses to shade the truth a little, and Nurse Thor's nephew (George Clooney) is hired as an ER tech.

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Dates Maria Amardo, of whom he is insanely jealous, although marriage isn't in the cards due to Maria's fear of divorce.

Officer Burdock is also close friends with the rest of the ER staff.

Nurse Julie Williams (Lynne Moody) Joan's industrious assistant.

Her aunt and uncle are George and Louise Jefferson from The Jeffersons.

An elderly former baseball player has pancreatic cancer and wants Howard to end his life by a shot.

Meanwhile, Nurse Thor has trouble with her lazy husband, Bud, a female patient is not what she seems, a young girl with head pains is brought in by Fred, and Maria gets a hold of a smutty book.

Nurse Thor quits over Sheridan's refusal to allow her to make minor medical decisions, and Nurse Cory confesses to Howard she's in love with him.

Meanwhile, Howard tries to convince Eve to get him a parking spot for his new car.

Nurse Cory Smith (Corinne Bohrer) A pediatric nurse who comes to help in the ER when it gets too busy.

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