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But it was during the shooting of the Friday “evening melo” drama by Tere Asa, “Second Love” in which Kamenashi and Fukada played characters that were romantically involved with each other that their interest in each other grew deeper.“In that drama, Kamenashi played a dancer with rare talent who spent his days languishing with anxiety because he couldn’t catch a break.

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If it was then the casting of the two leads would also be a home run visual success, with Yoo Seung Ho a dreamy hero with shortcomings out of his control but can be overcome with the love of his perfect woman, and Chae Soo Bin with her dainty features that could easily convince me she was one of those newfangled robot girl creations.

Thankfully she’s not really a robot so this story has the potential for a happy ending and already I’m getting happy cute vibes from the two leads.

In mid-February of this year, the man was seen spending two nights in a row at Fukada's apartment.

According to the people familiar with the matter, the man was introduced as her boyfriend at a dinner party.

KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya (28) and Fukada Kyouko (32) have started a relationship with their eyes set on marriage.

Kamenashi and Fukada became close while playing lovers in the movie “Joker Game,” which is set to be released next year on January 31.

Hier finden Familien mit Kindern ebenso ihr Feriendomizil, wie der gestresste Großstädter, der sportlich Aktive oder der Erholungssuchende.

Entspannung, Ruhe aber auch Kurzweil finden Sie bei uns in Triftern und Umgebung, dort, wo Gastfreundschaft kein Fremdwort ist.

After broken up with her long time boyfriend, it seems Fukakyon has already found herself a new lover.

The new guy is a 34 years old Italian restaurant owner.

Kyoko is allegedly paid at least 15 million yen (SG$ 170,000) for each drama she takes on while Kazuya receives a much lower salary of 4 million yen (SG$ 45,000).

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