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He adjusts what the older man says on the basis of her reactions confided in the younger man.For three weeks this attempt at manipulation continued, while Steve graphically detailed his intentions and educated my persona regarding sex and what he would expect from her.He told my persona "Steve" was 35 and then 37 and really wanted to have sex with a virgin.

I was aware very quickly that this was the same man chatting to my persona under both of these personas, but a real child would have been tricked easily.

I watched with interest, dismay, and admittedly a bit of amusement, as he tried to delude and manipulate who he thought was a child using this calculated deception.

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There are some friends who are so needy that the friendship begins to weigh you down like an emotional ball and chain.

stevetakespix (03/11/07 PM): so what else you wann aknow14-yr-old-girl (03/11/07 PM): u dont have a pic anyplace?

stevetakespix (03/11/07 PM): i have pics i just dont have a myspace14-yr-old-girl (03/11/07 PM): o14-yr-old-girl (03/11/07 PM): u look freindly thostevetakespix (03/11/07 PM): i am14-yr-old-girl (03/11/07 PM): not scarystevetakespix (03/11/07 PM): thats good14-yr-old-girl (03/11/07 PM): yea lolstevetakespix (03/11/07 PM): do i look like the guy you wanna lose your virginity to I think that's an easy "no."Richard Burnham spent his entire chat trying to convince what he thought was a 14 year old female to have sex with him. Back and forth, complimenting himself across his two different personalities, Burnham had one goal in mind, to sexually assault a young girl.

And so Richard Burnham proceeded to drive three hours from Connecticut to New Jersey to meet who he thought was this 14 year old girl.

Burnham arrived in New Jersey during a sting that was covered by Dateline and was interviewed by Chris Hansen.

Conveniently, Rick said he was sick so he would not be able to accompany Steve to visit my persona.

But he reassured her: uconnbluenwhite (03/31/07 AM): yeah im really sick but Steve is a great guy I hope you like getting laid he'll do an awesome job taking your virginity hes really excited about it.

(Usually I bold the graphic part of the chats for emphasis, but this chat has so much of that, most of chat would have been bolded.) He linked my 14 year old persona to porn videos as part of this education.

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