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I am kind of down on auto-flag as I think it will create a bunch of extra ongoing work for moderators, and I’d rather not do that.If you believe, as I do, that any objectionable language filter just makes people switch to alternative ways of offending people, then personally I’d vote for either I definitely see the point about moderation overload, but I’m sure there are going to be SOME installs of discourse by schools and churches etc.I’m trying to teach you that you can express yourself – and even do so vehemently-- without resorting to expletives.

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All comments are subject to the Disney House Rules.

We make every effort to display an equal amount of both positive and negative comments -- although due to the large number of comments we receive, and display limitations, not all comments can be posted.

That sort of thing always ends up with bans on users who won’t abide by the rules, so flagging the post or even the account would be worth it for them.

For what it’s worth, for a warning to work I suspect the wording of the warning is crucial and culture-dependent.

Hi there, Manual moderating (either by assigned moderators or trusted users) is important, but I think some moderation at Discourse can be automated.

For example we can restrict usage of names with swear words, or posting comments or topics that contain swear words.What’s the correct course of action: I think a combination of option 1 option 2 would be the best thing, although all those options would be handy for some use cases.Most forum software simply replace the words with other things, like asterisks.Plus, this is your place to let us know what you think about Toontown. Toons are encouraged to comment on each post, and we welcome all comments -- both positive and negative -- because we really want to know what you think.All comments will be pre-moderated for length and content (such as topical relevance, explicit or rude language), and we'll post as many comments as we can for each topic.URL filtering is a built-in feature in all decent forum software, why not have the same for swear words? I think this is also part of the long term goal the team has set for Discourse, (semi) automatic moderation.

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