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On January 30, 1967, singer Eddie Fisher and actress Connie Stevens (nee Concetta Anna Ingolia) announced their engagement at New York’s Plymouth Theatre. He is the owner of an apartment building, while Stevens plays his tenant, Wendy Conway. Eddie was the star of a former TV show called In the series (a slight variation of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show), Burns plays a somewhat fictionalized version of himself. found herself pregnant by Frank [Sinatra] and wanted to marry him.

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Add Frank Sinatra, Kirk Douglas and Jack Lemmon to the list, too.

But Doris Day’s reality, like that of that long ago America, was more complex and in some ways darker than the bubbling, everything’s coming up roses public image.

At the end of her career she not only left Hollywood. For nearly 30 years now she’s lived near Carmel, California.

She’s an avid animal rights advocate nursing strays back to health on her small ranch.

Day made the money and by accident or design Marty squandered it all.

When Melcher died, Day learned her million dollar fortune was actually a 0,000 debt.“The Doris Day show,” a situation comedy, saved her.

Behind-the-scenes for 17 years of her life was Marty Melcher, agent and husband number three.

He tightly managed her career as their marriage quickly became a business relationship.

Stevens and Fisher had two daughters, the actresses Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher.

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