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I can’t feel when I have the need to go at all either way, but that doesn't make intimacy impossible.

In fact, being in diapers doesn't physically stop me from doing anything in my life, I'm as capable as anyone else.

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I rather get to know people in person and then see how our personalities match up from there.

I’m a brutally honest person and I value the truth.

I enjoy reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels mostly but I read some romance too and tons of non-fiction.

I like personalities, so come as you are or dont come at all, okay?

I'm currently awaiting surgery, however I was more or less forced into having a sex change.

See I collapsed at work one day and was in bad shape for close to a year before the doctors could figure out what was wrong.

Im always up for an adventure and I like to travel when I can.

Finally now I can look in the mirror and I don't cringe at the person staring back.

Don't waste time in Alberta with people that aren't willing to get to know you.

I prefer being somewhere quiet then in a crowd full of people..

If you're looking for a goofy, loving girlfriend, you found me, haha.

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