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Someone brought up whether or not it’s appropriate to come out to a doctor or a therapist, particularly if they start bringing up sex or relationships in connection to the care they are providing.In some cases, it may be useful to explain your lack of sexual activity or lack of relationships, as it may allow them to rule out certain things (for instance, you’re not likely to be pregnant if you’ve never had sex, so maybe they can skip that pregnancy test if you’re concerned about a missed period).This is probably in large part due to the assistance of members of Ace LA, who worked with show staff to make sure it was handled correctly.

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And then, in the non-fiction category: Asexual Perspectives: 47 Ace Stories, which is a collection of interviews with ace people.

Ace Inclusion Guide For High Schools, which is a guide for high school staff on how to be more inclusive of asexual people. There was a big hubbub about the latest season of Bo Jack Horseman. Reaction from ace-land has been largely positive as the portrayal is seen as positive and accurate.

Talk about what it means to you, lay out where some of your boundaries lie.

It’s still no guarantee that people will read and understand, but it’s a start. It’s new, so there might not be many people there, but there won’t be anyone there at all if there aren’t any intrepid pioneers who decide to take the first step.

Let’s invite them all to town and ace this place up!

My notes from the Unconference are here: And some thoughts on the parade are here: I’ve covered ace dating conversations in previous posts, and a lot of what was covered today was similar to what was mentioned in the past.The latter are particularly useful in obituary searches, as the smaller the newspaper, the more likely it is to carry a greater number of obituaries.Workers pulled the timbers up during construction of a bridge for the Indiana 641 bypass in 2007.These are notes about what we talked about, relevant links, and other information about discussion topics.This is not meant to be a transcript and is not necessarily even meant to be a coherent recounting of the discussion.So I’ll skip the repeats and head straight to the new stuff.

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