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"The internet makes it much easier than in the past to find information about Satanism," said Carlo Climati, a member of the university who specialises in the dangers posed to young people by Satanism."In just a few minutes you can contact Satanist groups and research occultism.The conference is not about how to become an exorcist.Organisers say the rise of Satanism has been dangerously underestimated in recent years."There's been a revival," said Gabriele Nanni, a former exorcist and another speaker at the course.

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But Vatican officials said three years ago that parish priests should call in professional exorcists if they suspect one of their parishioners needs purging of evil.

An exorcist should be called when "the moral certainty has been reached that the person is possessed", said Father Nanni, a member of the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The group appeared to have the goal of establishing Satan clubs in public schools throughout Washington in districts which had similar clubs operated by a Christian-based group. Starr, established the Point Defiance Elementary Satanic club with the purpose of “character development,” records obtained by Judicial Watch show, adding that adult instructors are vetted by the Satanic Temple’s “Executive Ministry.” FIRST AMENDMENT CONTROVERSY BREWS OVER TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL'S PRAYER ROOM Children ages 5-12 who attend the club would develop basic critical reasoning, character qualities, problem solving and creative expression, according to the Satanic Temple filings included in the documents.

Documents obtained by Judicial Watch included the process of establishing an after-school Satan club at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma. The records also show that Starr told Tacoma School District Superintendent Carla Santorno that the clubs are led by “caring Satanists," and that the effort to establish after-school Satan clubs in Tacoma schools is in direct response to the Christian-based Good News Clubs operating in campuses throughout the district.

Theistic Satanism believes that "Satan" is an actual independently existing being, which serves as a God-analogue.

While atheistic Satanists categorically deny that any gods or higher powers exist, theistic Satanists vary in their opinions: A prominent example of theistic Satanism is the Temple of Set.While Blavatsky and other early occultists viewed the Left-Hand Path as harmful and equated it with black magic, instead identifying with the Right-Hand Path, Satanists readily adopted the Left-Hand Path as a philosophy to live one's life by.In terms of theology, Satanists today can be divided into two main groups: Atheistic Satanism does not believe that "Satan" actually exists, as such; they do not worship Satan.That could be indicated by radical and disturbing changes in the person's behaviour and voice, or an ability to garble in foreign languages or nonsensical gibberish.While the number of genuine cases of possession by the Devil remained relatively small, "we must be on guard because occult and Satanist practices are spreading a great deal, in part with the help of the internet and new technologies that make it easier to access these rituals," he said.SATANIC TEMPLE BRINGS 'AFTER SCHOOL SATAN CLUB' TO PORTLAND SCHOOL Records obtained from the Treasury Department showed that the Satanic cult applied for tax-exempt status on Oct. That admission ignited concern among some Tacoma district officials, records obtained by Judicial Watch show.

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