Dating sites for preachers

2) Contact your town/city and find out the demographics of those living within a 5 mile radius.

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My first thought is…”and where would you like us to find a mate…in a bar?

” My second thought is…”who is leading your singles ministry?

It’s up to you as a church, as a pastor to get them connected to the whole body of Christ.

It’s up to you to get to know and build a relationship with them.

If we start one, I hear it will end up being a meat market.

I love to always answer this question and say, “Yes, it sure will, they can meet Jesus.” Churches have a huge fear that their singles ministry will end up being focused only on finding a mate.” Church as a whole can easily be a place to only be fed and healed from a physical standpoint.But didn’t Jesus use these ways to minister so he could get to the person’s heart?You have to learn how to keep your ministry going by growing leaders, expecting turnover, and change. I need to just focus on the traditional families like mine.I know it so much easier to just focus on what you know versus what you don’t know. I have never been married nor have children, yet I continue to have them cross my path as I lead singles. You build a team, a staff, and/or hire a pastor or director that does care and understands single adults. I realize hiring a pastor or director does cost money. Because I am single, I have had a front row experience of how churches are reaching and growing singles adults.

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