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Korean women are typically very attractive with slender build and beautiful dark hair.

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Bathe the cats only when it is really dirty or when you are taking it to a show.

Using a blue shampoo (for white cats) is recommended.

In 1959, the first pair of korats that appeared in America was imported by Mrs. She was gifted the pair of Korats after the retirement of her husband from Foreign Service in Thailand.

Despite there being no attempt of out-crossing the breed, there have been certain color variations due to some recessive color genes carried by the korats when they were first imported from Thailand.

Cats tend to scratch, although the korats are not aggressive, consider trimming their nails at least once a week.

Brushing their teeth weekly (if not every day) would ensure optimal dental health.

There are two unique variants, with their individual identity based on their coloration: cats from Thailand.

Korats bond strongly with its owners, including children, and loves to cuddle and be around them.

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