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An enhanced re-release was bundled in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy/Legacy for Play Station 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

The game will once again be rereleased for the Nintendo Switch some time in 2018.

Dates and timing for this new slot will be confirmed soon.

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sorry for the situation, we got great information to optimize it and we are now working to improve it for the next open beta round. We apologize for the situation you met, we could not fix the servers during the beta because the issues needed some deep code improvements. the good news is that this open beta gave us great insights to optimize the code and get ready for the next open beta.

we already confirmed a new round will happen, with an optimized code. give us some time to prepare a new code and we will give you the new dates.

We are very sorry for this very long maintenance and confirm it is now over. We are working hard to fix it as soon as possible and will update you as soon as it's back online. We are connected in the game and facing the same issue.

We are working with the development team to fix this issue (mainly due to the normal massive rush at the start of the Beta). Quick notice for all the players of the beta: due to the heavy traffic, we are adjusting the servers to be able to accept all the connection requests.

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Some characters can also gain new combos and techniques by activating the Awakening Mode.

Lars Alexandersson, a character from Tekken 6 whose third costume was designed by Masashi Kishimoto, is also playable in the game.

The gameplay retains many of the elements from the previous game.

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