Chat bot which sends sexy pics

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Spammers create "bot" accounts on Twitter, Tinder, Snapchat and other social-media services.

These bots, or automated fake accounts, usually have female names and women's pictures, and send other users sexy messages with the promise of continuing a conversation on Kik.

This time around, he thought asking people to download an app just to ID photos might limit adoption. After all, nearly one billion people use Facebook Messenger. Thousands of people have done just that in the days since WTF Is That went live on Sunday.

Using it is delightfully straightforward, though far from perfect.

Kik also has a webcam feature, which allows bots to lure their targets with the prospect of adult-webcam images.

If you use Kik, you can cut down on spam by upgrading to the most recent version of the mobile app, which can block messages from people you haven't chatted with before. But sometimes people are quick enough to capture a pic before it evaporates into the digital ether, and we’re lucky enough to have some of those semi-candid shots right here for your viewing pleasure. It’s the one where you send photos and then they disappear forever without a trace…or so you thought.Kik's spam monitoring is far less rigorous than those of Twitter or Tinder, meaning spammers are more free to target Kik users.Symantec notes that many Kik users post their usernames publicly on other social-media profiles, making it easy to harvest those usernames and add them to spam lists.Try turning your phone's camera on yourself and walk around in front of different windows until you find a spot where you are evenly lit and your eyes sparkle.6.

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