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For some, this vast, carefully researched undertaking about the long, horrifically bloody war in the Pacific (again by Spielberg and Tom Hanks) is a pale imitation; but most will be stunned and impressed.15 CERT, HBO Video, 6 discs, £39.99 Twin Peaks; Definitive Gold Box Edition Is this, David Lynch’s surreal 1990 epic of the deep north woods, the best TV show ever made?It’s still winning hip new followers for the mystery of Laura Palmer. 15 CERT, Universal, 10 discs, £49.99 The Inbetweeners: Series 1, 2 & 3 Foul-mouthed, puerile and yet oddly loveable E4 comedy about four schoolboys coping with the challenges of teachers, girls, parties, parents and each other.U CERT, Disney/Pixar, £19.99 I Am Love Luca Guadagnino’s remarkably stylish, quasi-operatic Tilda Swinton vehicle, set among the Milanese industrial aristocracy, crosses Mrs Dalloway with Lady Chatterley.

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In 2013, she received the Special Recognition Award at the National Television Awards and in 2017, she was honoured with the BAFTA Fellowship award.

Jason Reitman’s enjoyable and all-too-timely comic parable of executive airmiles in the age of downsizing has unattached gun-for-hire George Clooney travelling around terminating workers, but realising his own hollowness. 15 CERT, paramount, £19.99 The BFI’s releasing all 32 of the Japanese master Ozu’s films; this is the greatest, made in 1953.

The film’s extraordinary liberal/fascistic myth-confection still fascinates.

12 CERT, 20th Century Fox, £19.99 Greenberg Noah Baumbach is probably a far subtler, wiser director than frequent collaborator Wes Anderson.

Nicolas Cage fascinates as a tortured, corrupt cop.

18 CERT, Lion’s Gate, £19.99 The Ghost A darkly satirical Hitchcockian thriller about a British ex-PM in exile, Polanski’s best recent film, co-scripted with novelist Robert Harris, has ghostwriter Ewan Mc Gregor struggling with the memoir.

15 CERT, Optimum, 3 discs, £19.99 How to Train Your Dragon A lot of fun, this animated Dream Works parable of brains over brawn among the (Scots-sounding) Vikings has winningly cute dragons (they can be pets) and a heartening moral: don’t always simply try to annihilate the Other. PG CERT, Dream Works, £19.99 Up “Adventure is out there”, believes our hero, the aged Carl in 2010’s Best Animated Feature.

Pixar’s magnificent mix of comic invention and rich humanity triumphs again – not to mention glorious technique and breathtaking imaginative daring.

Ben Stiller excels as an ageing, self-deluding loser housesitting in plush Los Angeles, and indie film heroine Greta Gerwig is acutely touching. 15 CERT, Universal Pictures, £15.99 Metropolis The mother of all urban futuristic visions (including Blade Runner), Fritz Lang’s extraordinary silent masterpiece finally appears with 25 minutes of long-lost original 1927 footage restored.

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