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Blue eyes sparkled at me, adorned by some light green eye-shadow. "Well, you better come in seeing as you came all this way..." I said, beckoning her in.Her eyebrows were plucked for a more grown-up look. "Oh, I know, I'm eighteen now Uncle Will - you haven't seen me in some time, have you? Once seated with a cup of coffee each, Kim explained all about her move to a new school and the reasons behind it.On my crotch to be precise, much to my embarrassment. It was then I got a real good look at the woman she'd become.

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"Hi Uncle Will," she said - before I could say anything. I didn't know whether to show her the door or to scold her or pretend such behaviour was alright.

Maybe the younger generation had there own values and this could just be a passing phase she was going through.

My eyes nearly popped out when I answered, the figure on the other side of the door cut quite a picture....

Shoulder-length honey blond hair, parted in the centre. Straight hair with a slight wave through it, enough to be cute at least.

Before I could even argue, Kim was in at my crotch and wiping away the coffee stains with vigorous rubs.

I couldn't help but notice the mischievous little grin on her face while she did this, seeing how red-faced I was by this time. "No problem Uncle Will," she said, stepping back to admire her handiwork.

Since she'd switched high schools to one in my area, she'd taken to visiting me regular on her way home.

It's hard to forget that first day she knocked on my door, all of eighteen and 'all grown up'.

One thing I'd always noticed about little girls, they just loved to give the boys flashes of their underwear, wherever and whenever they could.

It seemed like a habit that they never grew out of.

My cock sprang to attention as she rubbed at her skirt, the material falling up and down with her work - giving me quick on and off flashes of her cotton clad pussy.

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