Ballbuster girls chat

"Hi Uncle Will," she said - before I could say anything. I didn't know whether to show her the door or to scold her or pretend such behaviour was alright.

As she reached over the sink her short skirt rode up to reveal the lacy trim of her white cotton panties, which were hanging a little loose from her ass. As she spun around again ready to go to work, I noticed how much she'd developed at the front.

Her breasts were kind of medium and perky, but she made up for that by the way she walked.

2) A woman who is so bitchin' and intelligent that most men fear openning their mouth in her presence, much less making a sexual advance.

She was hardly model material in the looks department, but all the same she had a certain 'something.' Call it the 'girl-next-door' look, or 'plain but pretty' - but whatever it was, she had a strange hold over me.

Since she'd switched high schools to one in my area, she'd taken to visiting me regular on her way home.

It's hard to forget that first day she knocked on my door, all of eighteen and 'all grown up'.

Before I could even argue, Kim was in at my crotch and wiping away the coffee stains with vigorous rubs.

I couldn't help but notice the mischievous little grin on her face while she did this, seeing how red-faced I was by this time. "No problem Uncle Will," she said, stepping back to admire her handiwork.

My eyes nearly popped out when I answered, the figure on the other side of the door cut quite a picture....

Shoulder-length honey blond hair, parted in the centre. Straight hair with a slight wave through it, enough to be cute at least.

It was habit I was grateful for over the years, as I didn't mind a bit of teasing - as long as some pleasing came after. As well as being my sister's daughter, these mild flirtations could be put down to her being at 'that age' - the age when girls wanted to get a reaction from men.

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