Bachelor dating game question

Arie insisted he's ready to settle down and was falling for Tia.

Arie loved how strong and cool Tia was, not to mention that she often put him in his place.

"I don't want to lose what Arie and I have created, and part of me is afraid to open up...

but I feel I need to move aside the fear and just go for it, because I'm going to regret it if I don't," Kendall told the cameras after admitting to her sister she needed more time before feeling ready to accept a marriage proposal.

Before Arie met Kendall's father Bob, mom Michelle, twin sister Kylie, and little brother Colton, he told the bachelorette, "I am falling for you." Kendall thought Arie was more compassionate than any man she's ever dated, but she wasn't comfortable being open and vulnerable with him yet.

Kendall hoped seeing Arie with her family would bring them to the next level in their relationship, and Arie thought their romance was "blossoming into something amazing." At dinner, Kylie picked up on a good connection between Arie and Kendall, but she also noticed there was a little bit of space between them.

It's hard for me to say that out loud, but it's the truth.

It's the f-cking truth." Arie kissed Tia goodnight and noted that their relationship had really progressed that day.At the end of the night, Kendall confessed to Arie, "I definitely see myself falling for you, and it's scary but extremely's hard to talk about my emotions." Next up was Tia's hometown date in Arkansas.Before Tia departed, she told Arie to follow his heart in the process."Sh-t like this is what makes me put my walls up and my guard up, telling someone how I feel for them and not feeling it in return," Tia told the cameras in her final words."It's extremely hard for me to be vulnerable because I've done it before and it's left me feeling like this, and it makes me not want to do it again.

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