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My Vision for the Site - Adult Text is primarily about fantasy fulfillment.

Turning on your webcam decreases your chances of getting skipped immediately which is what sometimes happens when using random chat.

Our Cam4 Chat feature is like a virtual party where you get to meet up with lots of people on cam rather than being alone with another person.

The Cam4 Chat feature is exciting and incredibly easy to use.

Within moments of loading the website, you will be connected with four random strangers from all over the globe.

The reason I went this way is that we can radically change the way the platform works easily, without causing a bunch of technical debt.

Taking a step back from applications to pure web apps you have Active Worlds which provides a visual experience but on the web browser.

That way, if I bring on contributors who see a niche, we can pivot to it easily.

But, if anyone reading this wants to work on a platform that can be built to do exciting new things, please let me know.

Even if the nay-sayers are right, it's a time when we can build something cool with no investors, board or outside pressure.

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