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Located on historic Mississippi Street, Bar Bar is known for its sweet happy hour and ability to attract some lovely ladies.It also hosts a newer queer dance night called MRS. Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227 Foggy Notion: Home of Bent, this little bar in No Po is a great hangout spot and hosts many Queer-friendly nights.

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435 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217 Holocene: Home of Gaycation, the events held at Holocene are all queer-friendly and cause you to break out your dance pants.

1001 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR Mississippi Studios (Bar Bar): Go to catch a show, hang out in the bar, or see an outdoor movie in the summer.

Most competitors are queer ladies with quirky names.

On off days, The Florida Room is a perfect hangout complete with pool tables, a photobooth, and card games for loan.

Turns out Toby is the son of Brian Froud, who designed the characters and worlds of both , about a young boy who falls into his grandfather's "lessons learned" box and is whisked away to a fantasy land, has its world premiere Saturday afternoon at the Hollywood Theatre with two other films that Heather’s company, Handmade Puppet Dreams, funded.

(Read our recap of the world premiere and the movie.) It will screen again at the Portland Film Festival at the end of August.

Tell us about your parents, because, in a way, you book that my father had done. Take me through your interest in following in your parent’s footsteps? I went to Wimbledon school of London, a tech university, and did a special effects and arts degree.

He was brought on to collaborate and design the world you saw on screen. We always made an effort to make as fun of costumes as possible. We have a Halloween thing every year and I like to go all out. But I always came back to the fantasy that my family had created. I was teaching a workshop in Portland, and someone in the class said you should get into contact with the puppet supervisor at Laika.

This place is so small that you’ll have to talk to the person you’ve been eying for weeks or even months, because they’re probably standing right in front of you.

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